Monday, March 8, 2021

The Feckers - Live To Fight Another Day

1. Don't Mind If We Do ft Raphael (C.Szkup, R.Anderson, M.Szkup) (3.10)
2. Out Here In The Real World ft Raphael (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (5.30)
3. Never Too Old To Rock ft Raphael (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (5.13)
4. Live To Fight Another Day ft Richard, Chris & Lydia (R.Anderson, C.Szkup) (6.51)
5. Pardon Me ft Raphael (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (6.10)
6. Devil's Lament ft Roy (R.Smith, C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (5.50)
7. Between Good & Evil ft Chris (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (7.55)
8. This Is What We Do ft Raphael (R.Smith) (4.32)
9. Walk To Destiny ft Alexey (A.Spectre, R.Anderson, arr: C.Szkup) (4.20)
10. King A.W.O.L ft Raphael (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (4.12)
11. In These Quiet Moments ft Richard (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (5.54)
12. Love Them Or Hate Them ft Roy (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (4.36)
13. So What? ft Raphael (C.Szkup, R.Anderson) (5.35)

Musical Arrangements by Chris Szkup
Vocal Arrangements by Chris Szkup & Richard Anderson

Project Co-Ordination by Richard Anderson & Chris Szkup
Produced and Arranged by Chris Szkup
Co-Produced & Mixed by Dennis Leeflang @ Livelong Productions
Mastered by Thomas "Plec" Johansson @ The Panic Room, Sweden
Artwork by Dan Verkys based upon a concept by Richard Anderson & Dan Verkys
Duplication and Printing by James Weston @ Studioq, Auckland, New Zealand
Front Cover Hands: Rob & Carol Smith

This album is dedicated in loving memory of Bysh Szkup and William Work - men of a certain breed who taught us to believe in ourselves and to go for it and not let anyone tell us no.

The Feckers:
Chris Szkup - Musical Composition/Arrangements, Guitars, Bass, Ukulele, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Richard Anderson - Lyrics & Concepts, Musical Composition/Arrangements, Vocals, Backing Vocals
Dennis Leeflang - All Drums, Keyboards on "So What?"
Mathew Szkup - Musical Composition/Rhythm Guitars on "Don't Mind If We Do", Rhythm Guitars on "So What?", Lead Guitars on "Love Them Or Hate Them"
Reese Morin - Bass on "Out Here In The Real World"/"Never Too Old To Rock"/"This Is What We Do"/"In These Quiet Moments"/"Pardon Me"
Ponch "Bugger" Satrio - Guitars Solo's on "Don't Mind If We Do"/"Between Good & Evil"/"This Is What We Do"/"Love Them Or Hate Them"/"So What?"
Rob Smith - Musical Composition/Arrangements, Vocal Session Engineering, Backing Vocals

Lead Vocals:
Raphael Gazal - "Don't Mind If We Do"/"Out Here In The Real World"/"Never Too Old To Rock"/"Pardon Me"/"This Is What We Do"/"King A.W.O.L"/"So What?"
Roy Bratbakken - "Devil's Lament"/"Love Them Or Hate Them"
Richard Anderson - "Live To Fight Another Day"/"In These Quiet Moments"
Chris Szkup - "Live To Fight Another Day"/"Between Good & Evil"
Lydia Salnikova - "Live To Fight Another Day"
Alexey Spectre - "Walk To Destiny"

Backing Vocals:
Chris Szkup - "Don't Mind If We Do"/"Never Too Old To Rock"/"Live To Fight Another Day"/"Devil's Lament"/"Between Good & Evil"/"In These Quiet Moments"/"Love Them Or Hate Them"/"So What?"
Richard Anderson - "Don't Mind If We Do"/"Never Too Old To Rock"/"Live To Fight Another Day"/"Devil's Lament"/"Between Good & Evil"/"This Is What We Do"/"King A.W.O.L"/"Love Them Or Hate Them"/"So What?"
Roy Bratbakken - "Devil's Lament"/"Love Them Or Hate Them"
Rob Smith - "Live To Fight Another Day"/"Devil's Lament"/"Between Good & Evil"/"This Is What We Do"/"King A.W.O.L"/"Love Them Or Hate Them"
Jordayne “Jordy” Gibson - "Devil's Lament"
Mark "Chopper" Smith - "Devil's Lament"
Stephen "Titman" Titter - "So What?"

Special Guest Appearances by... Paul Jolley - Piano, Organ, Keyboards on "Out Here In The Real World", "Live To Fight Another Day", "Between Good & Evil", "Walk To Destiny", "King A.W.O.L"
Sudev "Nockas" Bangah - Rhythm Guitars on "Out Here In The Real World"
Pat Valley - Guitar Solo's on "Never Too Old To Rock"
Neil Murray - Bass on "Live To Fight Another Day"
Edo Van Der Kolk - Guitar Solo's on "Pardon Me"
Tony Franklin - Bass on "Devil's Lament"/"Walk To Destiny"/"Love Them Or Hate Them"/"So What?"
Tommy Denander - Guitar Solo's on "Devil's Lament"
Jonathon Noyce - Bass on "Between Good & Evil"
Joey Huffman - Hammond Organ on "Between Good & Evil"
Matteo Bucca - Bass on "King A.W.O.L"
Trent Williamson - Harmonica on "In These Quiet Moments"

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Saturday, September 30, 2017

Current Projects

At the moment I have a couple of music projects in the works - with others in the planning/pipeline.

The Feckers
At the moment we are at the point where we have enough quality songs for the 2nd album, it is just a matter of picking which songs we will work on, and with whom - the talent usually dictates what songs make the cut, it's all down to the artistic merit rather than any moneymaking bullshit. Fortunately we are able to self-produce the new material as we had with our debut album - the mixing and mastering team we are yet to decide upon, as of this moment we have no definitive release plans, this is all subject to the decision making process (which usually will involve either beer or bourbon :)

Rob, Paul and Jeff have been busy the last few years with their RPJ collaboration, in fact they have just about completed another new album. I felt very fortunate that they included a tribute to Gary Moore that I co-wrote with Rob on their "Wonderful World" album.

Genealogy/DNA Testing

It's been a while since I posted anything as I have been quite intently busy with my genealogy research, back in 2015 I had my dna tested via Ancestry DNA which in itself proved rather interesting.

My results were:
Great Britain 45%
Ireland 30%
Europe East 14%
Scandinavia 6%
Finland/Northwest Russia 1%
Europe West < 1%
Italy/Greece < 1%
Asia Central < 1%
Mali < 1%

The Irish was a bit higher than I expected, and then all those minor % proved to be rather interesting, I have even been able to work out who the Italian culprit's were.

I was then able to check out My Heritage DNA and they were able to break things down further:

Irish, Scottish, and Welsh 41.4%
Scandinavian 19.0%
English 18.7%
East European 13.8%
Italian 3.1%
West Asia 2.3%
Iberian 1.7%

No surprises there with the Iberian, research tells me that people who can trace their roots to Cornwall are very likely to be have traces of Iberian dna - and that I am able to do with Cornish roots from both my parents. Given that these dna tests are done over different periods of time and with different formula's one can expect the results to be different.

I then checked in with Family Tree DNA their basic results told me:

British Isles 41%
West and Central Europe 25%
East Europe 22%
Scandinavia 12%
South Central Asia < 2%

I then decided to check out their ancient origins results for myself and this is what it gave me:

Hunter-Gatherer 44%
Farmer 41%
Metal Age Invader 15%

All rather resourceful people, which is pretty much what I have discovered in my research - I come from people who were survivors and definitely resourceful people - some of them too much for their own good!

I have had fun connecting up with cousins of varying degrees from places that I didn't dream of having cousins, and in some cases locations that I never dreamed I had ancestors

I definitely recommed to any of those people out there that are stuck with their research to invest in a dna test and link yourself up to people who may just be sitting their hoping for the same breakthrus that you are.....and who knows? like myself and my mother (yes I managed to convince her into testing as well) you may get some rather interesting surprising (and close) dna matches :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

More Film

Hi Folks, it's been a busy couple of years and I have been working on not only various musical projects but have also taken on a wee bit more acting. When it comes to the acting, I have been involved with some pretty small roles but they have been fun and afforded me the chance to sit and watch and see how others who have been around the traps longer do it, this should set me up for when I do more lead roles - I like to learn and to enjoy the processes of seeing things coming together.

Here's a few thoughts about some of those film projects I have worked on:

The Cure (2014)
Director: Alex Gould
Role: Security Officer (Extra)

I feel very privileged to have worked with a chap named Ray Florenz Goldstein, sadly he passed away from cancer before our feature film work in The Cure was released. I hope that my future work will be things that I think he would approve of. One thing struck me is that he was a very giving person, giving of his time and advice - definitely one of those people who made an impact and gave me the confidence to keep moving forward. People in Wellington, New Zealand knew him as an extra actor - to me he was a superstar. It was very moving to see he made it into the promo for The Cure.

I decided to take my mother to the premier of The Cure, it had taken until I had reached 40 before my first film came out. I didn't know if or when I would do any other feature film acting, so I figured that if it took another 40 years for something to come to bare that my Mum wouldn't be alive to see it. She really enjoyed the experience and loved the film. I was particularly pleased with how it turned out, getting to act alongside John Bach was definitely something I will never forget.

Consent: The Louise Nicholas Story (2014) Director: Robert Sarkies
Role: Reporter (Extra)

This was a film that needed to be made, I particularly enjoyed working with cast and crew on this film. Although my role was very minor, I played the part of a reporter who had to hassle a couple of the lead actors. It amazed me how very into their roles the lead actors were, they were very intense and hard to make laugh, of course I tried to make them laugh and break from character but it didn't work.

Always The Bridesmaid (2014, Short)
Director: Stephen Riddell
Role: Erik Lindstrom (Lead)

Working on this short film was great fun, we had a young crew. In fact I was the old man on set. I really liked the dynamic between Lee (played by Frederick Pokai) and Erik, my role. We were able to throw in our own ideas and basically riff off one another. I have a lot of respect for Frederick as an actor, he made me think less selfishly about how I was to play my role. I decided early on that seeing as he was playing his role rather dramatically that I would subscribe to the less is more theory.

Erik I think says more with his facials than he does with words even, he is a misunderstood character. Essentially he has a good heart, but his wealth of experience has taught him that he has to watch how emotionally invested he is with things in life. I can relate to that. Originally when I auditioned, I didn't think I would get the job, I had a feeling that I was going to be told I was too young or that someone else I knew had got the job, but thought I would give it a crack anyway as I really liked the premise, the script was great too. I based my character partly on Russell Crowe and Clint Eastwood, although I would never put myself in their league as an actor. There's a subtle nod to Clint in the bathroom scene that I hope makes the final cut.

The Great Maiden's Blush (2015)
Director: Shane Loader
Role: Opera Patron

I just had a very small extra's role in this film, all I did was sit in the audience while this chap performed an opera, it was a lovely piece of music, very soothing. I knew a few of the other extras and we had a great time hanging out on. it was a privilege to be involved. I really liked the premise of the film and indeed could very much relate to it. In fact we shot this scene in the afternoon and then I had to leave and go and start work on "Always The Bridesmaid" that evening, so I literally left one shoot to head straight to the next one.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Update Time...Again

Hey folks - well 2011 was the last time I posted anything, a lot has happened since!

At the end of 2011, I had the good fortune of shooting some films, the first was a feature film called "The Cure" in which I played the role of a security officer (anybody that knows me will know that this isn't such a huge stretch), for me it was a great opportunity to get back into acting, but also to work with some people that I had watched on TV and in film for a number of years. To be able to mix it with the professionals was pretty amazing stuff. Working on "The Cure" gave me the confidence to seek out other opportunities, I had an extra's role in a short film called "Expressionless" and then a lead role in another short film called "A Dash Of Wine", which I had a lot of fun shooting (it helped that my leading ladies were both amazing actresses') - these roles gave me the hunger to seek out other roles in the future.

2012, I managed to take part in the annual V 48 Hour Film Festival, which is basically a film making competition whereby teams have to write, film and edit a 5 minute short film in the space of 48 Hours. I had the good fortune of working with Kay Fretwell, Alex Plant, Raj Khushal, Bonnie Riley, Connor Rapley, Hannah Paterson, Ryan French, Josh Maessen, Callum Scott, Sanny Orr, Bella Goode & Rachel Roberts on our production of "The Curse Of That Damn Cat", which was all about a guy who had a black cat follow him home and all these bad things start happening in his life...I got to play the part of a bountyhunter/cat exterminator, and I also pop up as waiter (it was fun throwing coffee at Raj & Alex :-)

The rest of 2012 has left me writing up a few of my own ideas - in 2013 we will be shooting 2 short films "Bouncer" (an action/drama), which I will be co-starring with my good friend Lance Louez in and "Sisterhood" (a drama) which will see me once again working with some exceptional young talent (including Bella Goode, who has agreed to co-starring in this one!).

In addition to all these film projects I'll also be working with some directors/casts on some music video ideas for The Feckers that we have had floating around - I am quite excited to see these things come to life in 2013!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Update Time

Hey all - I know it's been a while since the last only excuse is that I have been rather busy with working, writing, recording and also doing a bit of acting as well.

The Feckers - It'd Be Rude Not To
Recording sessions are now done, we're down to the mixing phase and shall have the album, and some bonus tracks released early in 2012. In addition a cover of a classic metal tune has been recorded and will preceed the album - although expect this rendition to be different, I can't say too much about it at this point in time without giving too much away.

The Feckers - A Second CD
That's correct, we've already begun work on recording tunes for the 2nd album, the plan is to conjur up more material than what we require (which we did do with the debut album, albiet not on purpose). A lot of the same musicians and singers will appear on the 2nd album (which will include the same production team of Chris Szkup & Stew Long), but also a lot of new additions to the group are definitely planned. Talks have been had with several good rockin' folks who have expressed a lot of interest in taking part and making a noise. The plan at this stage is to have this album released in 2014, giving us a chance to proper promote "It'd Be Rude Not To"

For more info on The Feckers:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Chris Szkup & Richard Anderson - Welcome To Feckerville (The Feckers Interview)

1. How did you two manage to come into contact with one another ?

Well firstly I have to say that Chris and I have not yet met in person, most of our dealings with one another has been via email and the occasional chat on the phone over the years - we first came into contact on the Brian May Mailing List (The Mayniacs) in 1998.

It was such a long time ago, but it kinda seems like yesterday as well!! I seem to recall liking Richard's quirky humour on that list - it definitely stood out, as I'm the king of quirk!! The first stuff we ever tried writing was in 1998 too, so we probably started talking music, and off it went!!

2. Would you say that you've become friends through "meeting" online ?

Most definitely - Chris has become both a loyal friend and also someone who has been a huge influence on me as a songwriter over the years, he's an inspiration realistically and truely - a brother in rock.

Likewise to all of the above!! You can definitely tell in the age of spam that we're in who the genuine folks are, and that kiwi bugger over there is one of them!!

3. How did you guys come to writing tunes together ?

At the time of our meeting I had been writing a few tunes with various people all over the world, and the initial plan I had was to assemble a group of people to write and record together, over the years we had tried with varying levels of success to put different projects together - the biggest hurdle we had was finding likeminded people who were not only talented but also had the right commitment to the cause, unfortunately it can be more of a hurdle to find the right combination in people - so until GONE WILD came about a lot of those plans to work together sat in waiting.

Yeah I guess to a point we were both a little put off with all the flakes we'd dealt with, and that lead to just putting our little thing on hold, even though we didn't really verbalise it so much. Really it felt like we needed to go and do our own thing for a while, and when the time is right we would absolutely revisit our collaborations.

4. What happened with the A.S.A project that you guys were both involved with ?

The third member of the team, David Austin had other commitments so we were unable to complete an albums worth of material. Chris and I both felt artistically we were headed in a different direction at any rate, although some good demoes were recorded we felt they weren't quite album quality, but looking back some of the bare bones ideas were pretty good.

I guess it wasn't meant to be hey. Sometimes no matter what you do, things just aren't going to align and have everyone end up on the same page. Things were definitely learned during that time though and am glad that we did what we did!

5. Will any of the A.S.A recordings see the light of day or will any of those tunes be revisited ?

One tune called "The Keys To The Kingdom" is a track that Chris and I co-wrote, it's seen itself go through several different guises, including being demoed by A.S.A - unfortunately none of the different versions that have been recorded over the years have really had that definitive sound that Chris envisioned - so we've decided to include it on The Feckers album, it's a definite for the album. As for the rest of the songs, I'm not sure - but there's no plans for an A.S.A reunion at this point in time. David Austin has re-recorded some of them old A.S.A songs and released them as part of his latest solo album "Revisions" which sounds pretty good, he did some new versions as well as tweaked some of the older recordings.

One thing the last handful of years have been about musically for me is doing everything you possibly can to get out what's in your head with a song and make it the best it can be. Call me a douche, but yeah, I never felt that song was nailed as good as it could be. People might hear this version we do and say it sucks, but at least I'll know we gave it our all!!

6. How has it been revisiting some of the older songs that you both co-wrote ?

I'm sure that Chris has had fun demoing the older songs, he must have done as it has inspired him and I to write all new material specifically for The Feckers. Hearing these tunes re-demoed and re-arranged has made me realise not only what a great player Chris is, but also what a good ear he really has for melody...these new arrangements are exactly where I think we both knew these songs could be headed.

Thats too kind of you Sir!! Yeah I've had real fun digging them out. It's funny that a lot of the stuff way back then I'd be playing the melodies of the lead vocals on guitar because I was way too shy to try and sing them, and in some cases I tried but couldn't. Coming back to them has been fun to see the growth in confidence and ability I've gained as a singer in that time, but you also forget how good some of the music is too if it sits in the closet for 5 years!! There are some beauties in this bunch for sure!!

7. Are you looking at The Feckers as a "band" project ?

In some ways I think it's more of an all-star collaboration as far as the other people we are working with -but essentially the songs are Szkup-Anderson tracks, with the odd exception that may slip in there as well - there is one track that Chris has given to the cause that was initially something he was going to use on his second album. Really The Feckers is our shared baby.

Yeah that track Richard mentions is the most out there metal stuff I've ever written, so to say I'm looking forward to doing it is an understatement!!

8. How are you finding it working together to put The Feckers album together ?

Chris has been great to work with, he always has been. I really like the fact that no matter how crazy the idea, if we both have ideas we're able to bounce them off one another without worrying about the fact that the other guy might not get it - we're both open to meeting in the middle where arrangements and structures are concerned, we're cool with whatever happens as long as the songs rock and we are true to the songs themselves. Another thing that I have enjoyed about working with Chris over the years is that he has always remained humble and is always the first person to tell someone when they have done good, he's honest and has a huge amount of integrity, which I can tell you I have found a rare thing over the years - the GONE WILD chaps would be the other blokes that I would put in the same category.

Wow - what can I add to that?! Haha. Too kind again. I just find the working together on stuff totally natural, a breeze and a pleasure really!! Richard is basically up for anything that doesn't flat out suck, which is how I am as well, so it's a perfect fit.

9. Will The Feckers album sound anything like GONE WILD or Chris Szkup solo ?

Obviously with Chris' playing being the thing holding it together musically, it will be closer to sounding like his solo material than it will a GONE WILD album - we're trying our best to make it sound different from GONE WILD in terms of style and production - I like the idea of mixing things up so that we have a unique indentity happening here.

I'm excited to hear the answer to that question to be honest!! We shall see. I'm sure all the different musicians will add their bits and put their own slants on things that will give the music it's own identity, even though you will definitely get bits and pieces that will absolutely sound like the us that people might know!

10. You have a singer named Roy Bratbakken onboard for this album, how did you come about his work ?

I heard him online and thought what a cool voice he had, his voice reminded me of Sammy Hagar in I simply asked him if he would like to work on something oneday, he said he was up for it so I put the idea to Chris, who thought he would be perfect for "Master Of My Own Destiny" - which has proved to be correct as when we heard his vocal track we both thought "this is it!!!", funnily enough we both immediately thought of asking Roy to sing on a second track called "Under The Gun", the penny dropped at the same time to us that Roy's voice would suit that song.

Yeah that was cool how it happened. I was holding off suggesting it until we were able to get a bit closer to working on that second track with Roy, but definitely had it in my mind. When Richard said about us maybe asking him about the 2nd track, I pretty much laughed at how on the same page we are!! Luckily Roy was into it as well. Hearing his vocal track was really something on that first song. Good times!!

Needless to say we have a few things in the pipeline with Roy on vocals and are looking forward to working with him more and more in the future.

11. Was it always a given that you'd have Rob Smith (GONE WILD) sing a track ?

I don't know about a given, as he is a busy bloke, But he was kind enough to offer his services should we need which Chris had said to me "that's a must!" (laughs). I was really cool with that as long as we threw a song at him that was challenging and different to Rob's solo material and also anything that GONE WILD have done, we like the idea of showing off another facet of Rob's talents. The song that Chris has written that Rob is singing on is a beaut too I have to say!

It shall be real interesting hearing a man who has basically done it all over a long time as far as music is concerned getting something new and possibly foreign to him to do!! I'm really excited to hear that one come together as I mention before!

12. Are you guys going to be singing any of The Feckers tracks ?

That was something we were always going to do yeah, I liked the idea that we could pick and choose for ourselves what songs we wanted to sing. The thing with demoing things first has been great in that we can tell for ourselves weither something is going to work or weither our voices will suit certain songs. I'll be singing a couple of tracks - one of them has been a bit of a challenge, but it's a real asskicker, so that'll be cool to see what people think of it when it's a done deal. I've put some work into arranging my vocals for it - even Chris isn't 100% in the know yet as to where I am going with that track (laughs). There is another track that we will be sharing the vocal duties on - it's been funny listening to the demoes as my mother and my niece have heard different tracks and thought that Chris' singing was me (laughs), so we should be able to blend together well. I'm mindful that this is a collaborative project so didn't want to have Chris and I singing all of the songs - we'd probably get bored with hearing ourselves too much...besides we can endulge ourselves all we like with solo projects, part of the fun of The Feckers is being able to hear all the songs with their own different voice.

People should note that for years there would be ribbing going on between us as far as singing goes too!! This will be cool to finally do some of that stuff on the same album of songs!! Who would have known back then?!

13. You guys are also making The Feckers a bit of a family affair...

That we are - Chris' brother Matt has been asked to come onboard, He and Chris work really well together and get on really well. When you have that amount of talent in one family it makes sense to capture it I think, it also helps that Matt is a rocker himself and gets where we are coming least I hope he does (laughs). Chris also came up with the idea of asking my niece Kayla if she would be happy to sing some backing vocals on a song for us - which she was quite honoured to have been asked, as an aspiring singer/songwriter herself, this I think will be her professional debut...Chris and I are all about encouraging other people, which is another reason for having so many friends and family onboard, hopefully this project will inspire everyone involved to continue on with their own endeavours and continue to pursue things with a kick ass attitude.

My Bro is just such a great partner to have in your corner when doing music, and he's basically up for anything, so if I'm thinking about doing some music, I immediately think of getting him involved somehow. That's what happened here. Richard knew he played lotsa stuff, and I pretty much knew we'd have him on there somewhere too.

As for Kayla, of course! That's what it's all about. Not that we're over the hill just yet (although in lotsa ways I definitely am haha), but you have to do what you can for the younger folks getting into music. Especially if they're related to your bandmate!! That song we're thinking of for her I always heard a younger voice on there, so it all makes sense! I can't wait to get to it!!

14. What do you most hope to achieve with The Feckers ?

Just like with anything I am involved with, I just want to work with cool people on a project that involves some good songwriting, some awesome playing - and to enjoy the processes of it all coming together. Already we have achieved that and it's only really been the demo phase that we've been in, although we do have one or two keepers for parts of songs sitting in the can.

I have no expectations other than being satisfied with what we do, and to make sure we do it for the love of doing it. No bollocks allowed!

15. Will you guys be meeting in person ?

That is definitely on the agenda, I was hoping to get over to Melbourne to record my vocals for The Feckers with Chris in person - but unfortunately my schedule hasn't allowed for that this year - but next year I am definitely going to head on over to spend some time with him - we'll no doubt have some fun working on some song ideas. I suspect this album will not be the last time we'll work together - actually I know it won't be (laughs).

I've tried to get to NZ for the last couple of years, but that has been tough with everything that's been going on. Next year the beers will flow!!

16. Are there any plans for any of your tunes to be performed live ?

That is something we will look at down the track, one or two things have been mooted....I am cool with whatever, as long as we get to have a bourbon and meet up with brother Chris!

No I don't have any concrete plans, but you never know. I'm not really doing any live stuff as of late, but I'm sure that will change down the track.